What will treatment be like?

What will treatment be like?

What treatment involves

Treatments typically last approximately 45 minutes. The initial session consists of a full consultation plus acupuncture, then acupuncture and either a back massage or mini reflexology treatment during subsequent sessions.

In addition to acupuncture, I offer specific and “tailor-made” dietary and lifestyle advice in order to quicken recovery and improve health further.

After treatment, it is advisable to keep alcohol intake to a minimum for 24 hours in order to maximise the effects of treatment. Immediately after treatment, it is preferable if strenuous exercise is avoided.

How many treatments will be needed?

Although this will depend on the patient and their condition, broadly speaking I would recommend weekly treatment for 6-8 weeks initially, in order to maximise the recovery process as rapidly as possible. By this stage, most patients will have experienced a significant improvement in their condition and the frequency of treatment can be reduced to once a fortnight, then once a month, etc. Ultimately a patient will often comes just once every two or three months in order to keep healthy and prevent illness. Although many patients recover much quicker than this, it is recommended that treatment is maintained on a less frequent basis, in order that a relapse is nor suffered.

Many patients choose to continue coming for treatment after their main complaint has disappeared in order to improve other aspects of their health, prevent illness or just to keep stress at bay!

Does it hurt?

Understandably, prior to treatment many patients enquire about whether acupuncture entails any pain. The sensation when an acupuncture point is triggered is described by patients as “a dull ache” or a “tingling” rather than pain as the needles used are extremely fine.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain that acupuncture entails as ultra-fine needles are used.

The Consultation

I always undertake an in-depth consultation at the beginning of treatment in order to fully understand the patient, their needs and to ensure an accurate diagnosis in terms of Chinese Medicine.

Consultation includes analysis of:

  • Main & Secondary Complaints
  • Sleep patterns
  • Diet / Fluid intake
  • Bodily Functions
  • Temperature
  • Personal and Family Health History
  • Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis


The diagnostic process for acupuncture is detailed and thorough, as this is the key to successful treatment and improvement in symptoms. Diagnosis involves the practitioner taking a case history of the patient in the initial treatment. This gives the practitioner insight as to how an individual’s body is functioning along with details of the illness/es and medical history allowing the practitioner to treat an individual’s specific needs.

The practitioner will also study the pulse and tongue as they are trained to recognise the signs of illness and imbalance that manifest there, and this is used to consolidate the diagnosis.

Different treatments

There are a number of different facets of treatment that I use in conjunction with acupuncture. The use of these depends on whether it would be appropriate to a specific patient and their ailment/s

  • Acupuncture
  • Auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture)
  • Cupping (vacuum created inside glass cup stimulates deep tissues and is very useful in the treatment of many muscular disorders)
  • Moxa (a warming herb made from the leaves of artemesia vulgaris latiflora)
  • Dietary Advice
  • Lifestyle Advice


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